Facebook Deal

Unlocked Firestick ($20/one time fee) & Live TV (39.99/month for 1st device/laptop/firestick)

Comes with Unlocked Firestick and Live TV. I will not sell just the firestick for $20 you need the subscription for this price. All channels are in the picture. We will mail you the Firestick after purchase of the Firestick & Live TV subscription. This is ideal for someone paying a lot for their cable TV or someone with basic cable channels. All you need is an internet connection with Wifi. The monthly charge is not on contract so you can cancel/renew whenever. Check below to see the list of channels if its too blurry on FB.


Please sign up on the link below when you are ready to buy. 

SIGN ME UP NOW!  http://channellink.tv/index.php/membership


 Cut your cable bill down and enjoy more channels!